Laser Weld Inspection

To improve visual weld quality, one must begin with determining the joining processes’ capability to produce good welds day after day even with the inherent variability common in manufacturing plants. The inspection systems can help quantify what this variation is. After improving the process as much as possible, the inspection system is then used to monitor the ongoing quality.


The LAS-SCAN family are laser-based 3D geometric measurement systems optimized for the inspection of the joint formed by laser brazing and laser welding applications requiring both very high measurement accuracy and high travel speed to fit into the demanding laser production processes.

The system includes an intuitive HMI to provide fast and accurate feedback of the quality of the brazed / welded joint including measurements such as convexity, underfill, undercuts, porosities, burn through, etc. All the data is automatically saved to an integrated process database which can store not only the inspection data, but also the process data and the seam tracking information whenever the data is available. The LAS-SCAN™ solution is widely used in the automotive industry where process quality and productivity are at their maximum levels.

Image courtesy of Maser Engineering


LAS-SCAN/BLU is the latest and most complete laser-based, blu-ray optical inspection system produced by SERVO-ROBOT. This family of sensors is specially designed for robotic inspection of small welds made with laser, GTA, plasma, electron beam as well as for brazing and adhesive joining.

This sensor is not only designed to inspect the surface and bead geometry but it also features a unique function that automatically compensates for part position inaccuracies. This greatly reduces robot programming time and holding fixture costs.

Laser Weld Inspection with LAS-SCAN Image courtesy of Maser Engineering
Laser Weld Inspection with LAS-SCAN/BLU